I am not my thoughts nor emotions

Apr 14
In a world that never stops moving, where every moment is filled with a new notification, a new task, a new worry, it’s easy to get lost in the noise. It’s easy to mistake the whirlwind of thoughts and emotions as the entirety of who we are. But what if there’s more to us than this endless stream? What if, beneath the surface, there lies an authentic self waiting to be discovered and embraced?

This blog is a call to step back from the noise, to find the silence, and to awaken to the truth of who you are. It’s a journey worth taking, and it starts with a simple realization: I am not my thoughts nor emotions.

The Quest for Inner Silence

Imagine standing in the eye of a hurricane. All around you, the wind howls, debris flies, and chaos reigns. Yet, there you are—calm, unshaken, untouched. This is the power of understanding that you are not your thoughts nor emotions.

  • Thoughts: They are like the gusts of wind, each one trying to drag you into the storm. But they are not you.
  • Emotions: They are the rain and thunder, expressing the storm’s intensity, but they too are not you.
  • Authentic Self: It’s the ground beneath your feet, the quiet space that observes the storm but does not become it.

To find this space, mindfulness is the key. It’s the practice of bringing your attention back to the present moment, back to the eye of the storm, where peace resides.

Mindfulness: The Path to Clarity

Mindfulness isn’t about emptying your mind or stopping your emotions. It’s about noticing them, acknowledging them, and letting them pass without judgment. It’s about finding the space between the thoughts and emotions where your authentic self-lives.

  • Meditation: A simple practice that can bring you back to the present and help you find the silence within.
  • Breathing: Each breath is a reminder that you are here, now, and that this moment is all there is.
  • Observation: Watching your thoughts and emotions without getting caught up in their stories.

Embracing the Authentic Self

The authentic self is who you are at your core, beyond the roles and masks you wear every day. It’s the part of you that’s always been there, waiting for you to notice it.

  • Peace of Mind: When you connect with your authentic self, you find a peace that doesn’t depend on external circumstances.
  • Healing Emotion: From this place of peace, emotional healing begins. You see your emotions for what they are—temporary and not defining.
  • Spiritual Growth: As you heal, you grow. You start to understand life’s challenges from a spiritual perspective, and everything starts to make sense.

Conclusion: Awakening to Your True Nature

The journey to awakening your authentic self is not about changing who you are. It’s about recognizing who you’ve always been. It’s about understanding that the thoughts and emotions are just parts of the human experience, not the sum total of who you are.

  • Help Emotional Pain: By finding the space between thoughts and emotions, you can help yourself and others to heal.
  • Mindfulness: It’s the tool that brings you back to your authentic self, again and again.
  • Peace of Mind: It’s what you find when you realize that you are not the storm, you are the silence that watches it.
  • Spiritual Growth: It’s what happens when you live from the authentic self, when every action and every moment comes from a place of clarity and peace.
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