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Learn innovative healing technique and become a certified practitioner to help others create joy and happiness in their lives.

Spiritual Guides Wanted

Failing relationship, decreasing business, frequent mistakes, continuous unpleasant feelings,…
Have you ever had the same challenges over and over again in your life? Such life challenge makes people feel stressed, stuck, disappointed, miserable, lonely, and unhappy; and it seems there is no way out.

But there is a way out! The secret is in dealing with emotions properly. The question is: How? 

PhoenixBlessing™ is the solution. Through visualization guided by a Spiritual Guide (PhoenixBlessing™ Practitioner), you can face a painful emotion head-on in a gentle, safe, and protected way, retrieve important lessons, and release it completely. Created to heal toughest emotional challenges, PhoenixBlessing™ has helped tens of thousands of people to turn their challenges into opportunities for experiencing growth and happiness.

Today, we need Spiritual Guides to offer such healing more than ever before. COVID-19 has caused various life challenges, causing painful emotional challenges to millions of people around the world. So I call for you, my kindred souls, to become a Spiritual Guide by taking this emotional healing training workshop and joining us to help millions around the world by your true love from your heart. This is not only an opportunity for you to “give” – sharing your spiritual gifts and shine as a spiritually-evolved individual, but also to “receive” – experiencing joy of witnessing miraculous healings and building your prosperous healing practice that gives you abundance that you wish for.

What is PhoenixBlessing™?

PhoenixBlessing™ is a meditative healing technique invented by Hiroyuki ‘Hiro’ Miyazaki to resolve even the toughest emotional phenomenon known as Dark Night of the Soul.

It's all about the approach

“PhoenixBlessing™️ is the puzzle 🧩 that has been missing from my practice.”

This is the most frequent comment from the people who tried the PhoenixBlessing method.

It’s all about the approach. This method works through emotional healing. Emotions and feelings – this is where the deep self-work begins in order to change your overall condition.

🌀We take an emotion or feeling, or even pain in the body, as a starting point, dive into that energy and face it. When you work with an emotion in this way, you can easily recognize limiting beliefs, many layers of programs: childhood, ancestors, the historical level.

When you recognize what (or who) within you is creating this energy (feeling or emotion), and you realize the lessons and meanings behind these experiences, you are ready for healing!

How does healing happen? Through love!

1. You give your attention to energy that has been ignored for years or generations. And attention is a form of love.

2. You unconditionally accept that energy, understanding the reasons it has stayed with you. Acceptance is a form of love.

3. You transform the heavy energy into lightness and open up new possibilities. Releasing limiting beliefs and patterns along the way. Releasing from suffering is also a manifestation of love.

The PhoenixBlessing technique has another undeniable benefit. It’s simplicity! The session itself (individual or group) has 5 simple steps.
In the end, as you heal energy, you also heal matter: body, relationships, money, etc.

📣Now We need spiritual guides! Especially in our challenging times, people need help healing emotions, feelings, pain!

Become a certified PhoenixBlessing™️ practitioner and start helping not only your clients, but also yourself, your family and friends.

This is a great opportunity not only to “give” but also to “receive”, creating your desired level of abundance!

Start your practice or implement this method in your work now!


What Do We Learn?

In the training workshop, PhoenixBlessing™ Practitioners, you will:

  • Learn the fundamental values and principles in PhoenixBlessing
  • Learn 5-step healing technique and various optional techniques.
  • Practice emotional healing in pairs.

What Can You Do as a PhoenixBlessing™ Practitioner?

  • Receive a Certificate of Completion
  • Conduct Healing Session for yourself and others
  • Use of PhoenixBlessing™ Practitioner Logo


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