Discover Your Phoenix 1 Nov 2022

  • Author: Hiroyuki Miyazaki
  • Study time: 15 hours
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Course overview
Unleash Your Power WithinThrough 5-Day Live Online Workshop.

A personal development program to activate your highest potential for success in life and business through mindfulness and coaching practice.
  • Zoom time: 15 hours

Success in life and business.

Discover Your Phoenix 1 is an innovative personal development program designed to activate your highest potential for success in life and business.

This program consists of various meditative and visualization exercises that facilitate healing on emotional pains, releasing limiting beliefs, and boosting confidence and motivation.

  • Increase awareness of inner self-worth.
  • Increase awareness of personal boundaries.
  • Letting go of false identity that was formulated based on others’ opinions.
  • Redefine your identity based on your inner qualities and create a wake word to activate it.
  • Learn how to create a vision by letting your authentic self express your deepest desires.
  • Receiving from class mates their intuitive insights about your gifts and talents.
  • Experiencing self-forgiveness and self-compassion.
  • Awareness of your core values that influenced your important decisions.
  • Opportunity to change the trajectory of your life path by changing your core values and their priorities.
  • Re-writing your memory of a traumatic event in the past so that you can deal with it successfully when it happens next time.
  • Experiencing the state of “abundance of gratitude” in your heart through a group exercise.
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Activating Your Highest Potentials
For Success
In Life & Business


Increase awareness of inner self-worth.

Personal boundaries

Increase awareness of personal boundaries.

Let go of false identity

Letting go of false identity that was formulated based on others’ opinions.

Redefining identity

Redefine your identity based on your inner qualities and create a wake word to activate it.
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Deepest desires

Learn how to create a vision by letting your authentic self express your deepest desires.

Gifts & talents

Receiving from class mates their intuitive insights about your gifts and talents.


Experiencing self-forgiveness and self-compassion.

Core values

Awareness of your core values that influenced your important decisions.
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Life path

Opportunity to change the trajectory of your life path by changing your core values and their priorities.

Rewriting stories

Re-writing your memory of a traumatic event in the past so that you can deal with it successfully when it happens next time.
Advance your career

Based on the book

In this course, Discover Your Phoenix 1, we will work on Stage 1 and 2 from the book "Discover Your Phoenix in the Game of Life".
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Class Overview


November 7,8,9,10,11 2022.
3 hours each day for 5 days, total 15 hours.

Time to Meet

LA 4:30pm, Mexico 6:30pm, Sao Paulo 9:30pm, 
Moscow 3:30am (next day), Irkutsk 8:30am(next day),
Taipei 8:30am (next day), Tokyo 9:30am (next day)


Online (Zoom)


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Discover Your Phoenix 1 course manual and slides


Class recording will be available to watch after the class for three month except for unexpected technical disruption during the class (such as Zoom failure, network outage, etc.)


Certificate of Completion
(Live attendance to the class is required in order to receive a certificate of completion)


Original English
Translation in Spanish, Chinese, and Portuguese

Stage 1: Emotional Independence

Stage 1: Healing 

First thing you need to do is to heal negative emotions so that you can unchain yourself from the vicious cycle. You will also work to overcome fear of losing love and to reconnect with your heart to start remembering your authentic feelings.

Stage 2: Self-Worth

In this step, you will work to perceive the difference between all that’s not yours to identify all that’s you. Further, you will make mental declaration to accept yourself fully.

Stage 3: Boundary

In this step, we work to mentally recognize various types of your personal boundaries and practice pushing back, so that it forms mental patterns in your subconscious.

Stage 4: Identity

In this step, you will work to redefine your identity based on the authentic qualities that you have inside yourself and enable you to think positively without limit. And you will create your own “wake word” that activates the refined identity at any moment.

Stage 5: Expression

In this step, you will channel your own authenticity and let it talk to you. Your job is to write them down as like “brain dump” without judgement.

Stage 6: Rejoicing

Group Reading Exercise "What I Admire About You"

Stage 2: Emotional Independence

Stage 1: Healing 

Miserable relationships, poor work performance, regrettable decisions, misfortune. Some past incidents are charged with painful emotions and haunt you even after many years. In step 1, you will heal emotions from past incidents and reduce the energetic burden.

Stage 2: Self-Compassion

Shame. Guilt. Regret. These emotions that come with “failure” are toxic enough to attack yourself through self-blaming, punishment, sacrifice, and exhaustion. To stop these self-sabotaging behaviors, you need to accept and embrace yourself for who you are.

Stage 3: Core Values

Core values are formed unconsciously under the influence of the family and the society that you belong to, and they are the primary reasons of your decisions and actions, therefore the outcomes in your life to date. What happens if you change them today?

Stage 4: Conquering Fear

Some traumatic past incidents create memories in yourself tagged with various fears, which trigger weaker version of yourself. To stop the past from haunting you for the rest of your life, you must conquer the fear and awaken the strong version of yourself.

Stage 5: Gratitude

When you conquer fears and live your life following your heart, you’ll experience your core values in everything and everyone. There is no regretting the past and no worrying about the future. You can live in the present moment fully alive. The key is to experience gratitude.

Stage 6: Rejoicing

Group Exercise "Gratitude Interview"

Live Zoom Meetings

Voices & Feedbacks

It was an opportunity to raise my vibration, realize all my strengths, talents, blessings, potential, and how to reconnect with all this. I was empowered.
I came to a clear awareness of my path based on my core values.
Elena Karasenko
The best class for the self growth and coming to your authentic self.
Zaituna Maidenova
I finally forgave myself and let go of the shame and guilt that had haunted me since childhood. My own healing wasn’t depend on other practitioners and their professionalism, so I was free to heal myself.
Natalie Yufereva
When you guided me to see the most important thing that I learned in this experience, I was so surprised to realize that the people caused my anger were actually using their lives to teach me good things.
Belle Lin
I dreamt about the opportunity to take the Game of life class with him personally. But this class has exceeded all my expectations.
Daria Kullikova
It's been enabling very deep inner work and conversations with myself, helping to reconnect with inner self and discover my true desires and aspirations.
Saliya Zaidinova
The most important topic/exercise for me was Step 4 conquering FEAR... re-writing the memory with my authentic self using my wake word... it is amazing !!!
Carlos Kasuga
Meet the instructor

Hiroyuki Miyazaki

Hiroyuki “Hiro” Miyazaki is a published author and a sought-after inspirational speaker, healing teacher, coach, and consultant.

He is the creator of Phoenix Blessing™, the emotional healing technique that was invented to heal the toughest emotional challenges brought forth by the Dark Night of the Soul.

He was certified as a SIY (Mindfulness program) Teacher, a Spiritual Intelligence (SQ21) coach, a ThetaHealing® Science Instructor/Practitioner, a QHHT(hypnotherapy) practitioner, and a Reiki master.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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