Phoenix Leads to Destiny

The phoenix is flying across time and space, arriving at crossroads of your life.

Doubt, and she’ll disappear into thin air.

Chase, and she’ll slip through your fingers like desert sand.

Surrender, and she’ll show you the way to your destiny.

Hiroyuki ‘Hiro’ Miyazaki
The legend is that a phoenix appears every hundreds of years as an omen, to show us an ending of an era and a beginning of a new. 

The epiphany that came to me was that a phoenix appears to each of our lives too, to show you the ending of a chapter of your life and the beginning of a new. 

And the phoenix shows you a crossroad. 
It urges you to make a choice. 

You can choose to take a new life path. 
Or you can choose to continue with the same path. 

A new path triggers excitement and fear.  Excitement because the new path leads to much higher quality of life.
Fear because major changes and uncertainty are inevitable. 

If you have doubt, the opportunity will disappear completely, as if it was only a mirage. 

If you try to take control and chase after more clarity, more confirmation, and more concrete plan, the opportunity will run away. 

The only thing you need to do is surrender.
Simply, relax and let the universe show you the next chapter of your game of life. 

This way you can allow the universe to take you to your ultimate destination - destiny. 

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