How to turn an upsetting situation into a great opportunity

What to do when you're upset or angry?

When you’re upset with someone or a situation, what do you do?

Take a deep breath and calm down?
Yes, that’s an important step to prevent from taking action driven by emotions.

But I suggest you to go a little further, to ask yourself which of your values are being threatened.

The feelings of upset and anger are natural response for survival, but today it’s more to protect important values such as safety, integrity, trust, self-esteem and so on.

When your important values are threatened, you become upset and anger. These feelings affect your decisions and actions and you make bad decisions and actions.

That’s how you can mess up your life and stop yourself from making your vision and dream come true.

The good news is that once you heal these pain points, you have great opportunity to change your behavioral patterns and improve the quality of your life dramatically.

 Let me explain.

Upset and anger hinder your life

People feel upset or angry when something important is threatened.

For example, when someone tries to harm your child, the safety of your child is threatened. Then it triggers feeling of upset or anger, so that you bring out strength and energy to protect your child.

So, remember when when you get upset last time.
Which of your values were threatened?

Someone didn’t do what she/he promised to you? Perhaps your value of integrity and trust have been threatened.

Or, maybe someone ignored you? That's also can be an upsetting situation. Perhaps it threatened your sense of self-esteem.

These are your pain points where you have traumatic memories in the past that need to be healed.

These are the "limitations" or "blocks" that trigger you to make bad decisions and actions driven by emotions, thereby stopping your from making your vision and dream come true.

Turn it into an opportunity!

The good news is that these are also the area where you have the greatest opportunities to change improve the quality of your life dramatically.

So, ask yourself which of your values were threatened when you got upset last time.
Then take your time to resolve the underlying pain through healing, meditation, coaching, or whatever works for you.

Don’t know how to heal such painful feelings?
I can help you on that. That's what I do best!
Read my book, come to my webinar, or join my workshop.

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You’ll be amazed how you feel different every day!!
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