Ready to bring ancient knowledge come alive?

The great pyramid has been the ultimate destination for spiritual awakening since ancient times.
It is where your past life knowledge and skills will come back alive.

If you're reading this, I bet the great pyramid is calling for you.
It's the calling to resume your spiritual initiation in the great pyramid that you started thousands of years ago, so that you can activate knowledge and skills that you have acquired across lifetimes.

Not sure about it?
Come to this free webinar to find out!

In this webinar, I will discuss about the great pyramid and its initiation process, and will offer a guided meditation to visit your past life activities in Egypt.
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November 24th, 2022

Japan 9:30pm, Taipei 8:30pm, Irkutsk 8:30pm, Moscow 3:30pm, Dubai 4:30pm, London 12:30pm, Central Europe 1:30pm, New York 7:30am, Sao Paulo 9:30am


English with translation in Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, and French

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    Meet the instructor

    Hiroyuki Miyazaki

    Hiroyuki “Hiro” Miyazaki is a published author and a sought-after inspirational speaker, healing teacher, coach, and consultant.

    He is the creator of Phoenix Blessing™, the emotional healing technique that was invented to heal the toughest emotional challenges brought forth by the Dark Night of the Soul.

    He was certified as a SIY (Mindfulness program) Teacher, a Spiritual Intelligence (SQ21) coach, a ThetaHealing® Science Instructor/Practitioner, a QHHT(hypnotherapy) practitioner, and a Reiki master.
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