Updates 9/28: Hiro with Phoenix Blessing

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Updates 9/28: Hiro with Phoenix Blessing

Hello dear friends!!

Hoping you had an awesome week, full of beautiful skies and amazing energy! ☀️🙌🏻✨✨

I had a very intuitive and deeper connection week, it helped me to bring out my creativity for new coming projects , so I feel super energized🥳🥳

Hiro had a fulfilling week with Russia Happy Money class, and had many surprising great things happening to the participants 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 ,wonderful people !

He has been very active working on a new short workshop called “Healing the Loss of a Loved One” , my heart feels the love and warmth of Hiro’s intention for this class. I feel so grateful for this.

And another great news! The proof for approval of the Spanish version of his book came back, and we already sent our comments so we can soon have it available for sale !

We are planning the Spanish book presentation soon.. 👏🏻👏🏻💃💃

So my dear friends, there are many wonderful things happening , let’s keep focusing on the bright things to attract more of them!!

It’s beautiful to connect with you…wish you and amazing and enlightened week!

Feeling grateful and blessed



«Money & Happiness class with Russian audience completed!! What a wonderful group of souls. I miss them already!!» (Hiro)

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What’s New

We have Spanish cover draft for the book!! (Hiro)

Current Projects

– Hiro’s book presentation is going to be scheduled online starting from October.

– «Million True Love» presentation is now in making. To be presented as a webinar soon!!

– Dark Night of Soul is now scheduled with Portuguese translation for November 9-11.

– Phoenix Blessing Practitioners is now scheduled for the week of November 16 for Kazakhstan with Russian translation.

– Cover/interior design draft of Spanish version of Hiro’s book have been created, now under review.

– Instructor courses for Phoenix Blessing’s workshops is now under development. Tentatively scheduled for March 2021 in Mexico; will be available both onsite and online.

What Happened Last week

– Dark Night of the Soul and Money & Happiness with Russian translation have been completed! What a wonderful group of souls. I miss them already!!(Hiro)

– Discover Your Phoenix – Instagram Live with Portuguese translation have been completed! This is officially the first time for me to connect with Brazilian audience and I was so excited! We had beautiful moments in the meditation to go back in time, back before you came into this lifetime. (Hiro)

What’s Coming Up This week

I have no event this week!! I guess I will have some good rest. (Hiro)

Event Calendar

Oct 12 Radio Interview for Spanish-speaking audience, Mexico City 6:00pm- 7:00pm

Oct 17 Book Club Webinar for Chinese-speaking audience

Oct 19-21 Game of Life Breakthrough, with Russian translation

Oct 22-24 Mystical Journey in Egypt, with Russian translation

Nov 6 Book presentation at Aiki Wellness Center

Nov 9-11 Dark Night of the Soul, with Portuguese translation

Nov 16-20 Phoenix Blessing Practitioners, with Russian translation

Nov 30- Dec 4 Life Mission Discovery with Chinese translation

To be scheduled for 2021

Mar – Phoenix Blessing Practitioners (Mexico onsite/online for all)

Mar – Dark Night of the Soul Instructors (Mexico onsite/online for all)

Mar – Money & Happiness Instructors (Mexico onsite/online for all)

Mar – Game of Life Breakthrough Instructors (Mexico onsite/online for all)

Love & gratitude,


This newsletter is prepared by Marlenne of Phoenix Blessing Team

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