Updates 10/5: Hiro with Phoenix Blessing

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Updates 10/5: Hiro with Phoenix Blessing

Hello my dear friends! I hope you had a blissful week!!🥰

I feel so happy , grateful and excited because we are preparing reopen Aiki Wellness Center, after 7 months being closed because of the Pandemia.

We will take all the security sanitary measures, to assure our staff and all our amazing communities safety.

Always wanting to improve and give better service, Hiro and our team have been carefully preparing for this months Russian speaking classes registration pages! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

He will also be guiding Aiki’s community’s free online Saturday meditation (English and Spanish ) , you can contact Aiki Wellness Center through Facebook to join!! The topic will be “Healing Money meditation” I bet it will help many of the assistants !!

We will be glad to see you there…🥳🥳

I wish all of you an amazing and super bright week!!

Always feeling grateful to have you join our events and read our newsletter!

We are always thinking ways to be of better service !!


Gratitude and Blessings


«I’m reading Emerald Tablets again this week. I’m amazed that I can understand a lot deeper now!» (Hiro)

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What’s New

– «Game of Life Breakthrough» has been renamed as «Phoenix Breakthrough.»

– We’re working to establish Affiliate program now. We will start using it for October classes with organizers, then expand with more contributors.

– October classes for Russian-speaking audience are ready for registration!

Phoenix Breakthrough

Mystical Journey in Egypt

Current Projects

– Hiro’s book presentation is going to be scheduled online starting from October.

– «Million True Love» presentation is now in making. To be presented as a webinar soon!!

– Dark Night of Soul is now scheduled with Portuguese translation for November 9-11.

– Phoenix Blessing Practitioners is now scheduled for the week of November 16 with Russian translation.

– Second draft of book cover/interior design are under review this week. Sasa’s name has been added as the translator on the front cover!!

– Instructor courses for Phoenix Blessing’s workshops is now under development. Tentatively scheduled for March 2021 in Mexico; will be available both onsite and online.

What Happened Last week

«I am having relaxing week!» (Hiro)

What’s Coming Up This week

Oct 10 Healing Money Meditation by Hiro, Aiki’s community’s free online Saturday meditation (English and Spanish )

Event Calendar

Oct 10 Healing Money Meditation by Hiro, Aiki’s community’s free online Saturday meditation (English and Spanish )

Oct 12 Radio Interview for Spanish-speaking audience, Mexico City 6:00pm- 7:00pm

Oct 17 Book Club Webinar for Chinese-speaking audience

Oct 19-21 Phoenix Breakthrough, with Russian translation

Oct 22-24 Mystical Journey in Egypt, with Russian translation

Nov 6 Book presentation at Aiki Wellness Center

Nov 9-11 Dark Night of the Soul, with Portuguese translation

Nov 16-20 Phoenix Blessing Practitioners, with Russian translation

Nov 30- Dec 4 Life Mission Discovery with Chinese translation

To be scheduled for 2021

Mar – Phoenix Blessing Practitioners (Mexico onsite/online for all)

Mar – Dark Night of the Soul Instructors (Mexico onsite/online for all)

Mar – Money & Happiness Instructors (Mexico onsite/online for all)

Mar – Game of Life Breakthrough Instructors (Mexico onsite/online for all)

Love & gratitude,


This newsletter is prepared by Marlenne of Phoenix Blessing Team

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