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Search Inside Yourself

The original 2-day mindfulness-based emotional intelligence training program developed at Google. Improve focus, empathy and resilience to harness your full potential.

We teach leaders tools for focus, self-awareness and resilience.

Designed and tested at Google, the Search Inside Yourself program teaches mindfulness and emotional intelligence skills that lead to sustained peak performance, strong collaboration and effective leadership.

Whether you are coming for personal or professional development or to check out the SIY program for your organization, you will learn foundational skills to:

The 2-day interactive program includes:

Who should attend?

People join Search Inside Yourself for many reasons, including personal development, professional improvement and experiencing the program before bringing it to their company.

Consultants, coaches and therapists also enroll in SIY to evaluate how to adopt the principles in their own work. Some attendees are new to mindfulness and meditation, while others are longtime practitioners.

The program is extremely powerful as a shared experience. We can often accommodate group pricing, so please contact us.

Tap the power of mindfulness for your organization.

How the program works:

The SIY program kicks off with a highly interactive 2-day in-person session. It continues with a 4-week practice integration period delivered online and concludes with a webinar.


Live Training

2 days
Experiential training in mindfulness, neuroscience and the five emotional intelligence capacities.

Virtual Practice

4 weeks
Daily exercises and resources delivered by email to help build new habits.


1 hour
Reconnect with your teachers and group to review and set a plan for continuation.

2-day Search Inside Yourself Program Agenda

Day 1

9:00 — Start
Practice: Attention Training

How do you develop emotional Intelligence?

Mindfulness: Moving from autopilot to aware

Practice: Open Awareness

Practice: Body Scan

Self-Awareness: Knowing one's internal states
12:30 — Mindful lunch
Self-Management: Skillfully manage your impulses and reactions

Practice: Mindful Listening

Practice: Reframe and respond to challenges in the moment

Practice: Self-Compassion
5:00 — End of Day 1

Day 2

9:00 — Introduction
Motivation: Align your values and work

Exercise: Alignment with values

Envisioning Practice: Visualize your goals

Practice: Resilience, recover from setbacks

Empathy: Understand others' feelings and experiences

Exercise: "Just like me"
12:30 — Mindful lunch
Practice: Mindful Walking

Exercise: Empathetic Listening

Exercise: Difficult Conversations

Leadership: Lead with compassion

Practice: Compassion Practice

Exercise: Leadership Commitment

Application Brainstorm
5:00 — End of Day 2