PhoenixBlessing™ is a meditative healing technique invented by Hiroyuki ‘Hiro’ Miyazaki to resolve even the toughest emotional phenomenon known as Dark Night of the Soul.

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Have you ever experienced difficult emotions?

Failing relationship, decreasing business, frequent mistakes, continuous unpleasant feelings,…

Have you ever had the same challenges over and over again in your life? Such life challenge makes people feel stressed, stuck, disappointed, miserable, lonely, and unhappy; and it seems there is no way out.

But there is a way out! The secret is in dealing with emotions properly. The question is: How?

PhoenixBlessing™ is the solution. Through visualization guided by a Spiritual Guide (PhoenixBlessing™ Practitioner), you can face a painful emotion head-on in a gentle, safe, and protected way, retrieve important lessons, and release it completely. Created to heal toughest emotional challenges, PhoenixBlessing™ has helped tens of thousands of people to turn their challenges into opportunities for experiencing growth and happiness.

Through attention control and visualization, you can heal your emotional wounds, reframe limiting beliefs and perspectives, acknowledge life lessons, and make positive changes in your life.

Through healings with Phoenix Blessing, you can activate your authenticity and identify your life missions that give you the greatest joy and fulfillment in this lifetime.

What makes PhoenixBlessing effective?

Created by renowned healer Hiroyuki “Hiro” Miyazaki

PhoenixBlessing™ was developed by renowned healer Hiroyuki “Hiro” Miyazaki based on his decades of healing activities including 5000 plus meditation hours, thousands of private sessions, and training classes for 5000 plus healers world-wide.

Based on scientifically proven method “Mindfulness”

The basis of PhoenixBlessing™ is “Mindfulness”, which is the practice of purposely bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment without judgment. Over 13,000 scientific studies are conducted in the last 10 years about mindfulness (2011-2020, PubMed), providing evidence that it helps with EQ (Emotional Intelligence) skills.

Featured in “Discover Your Phoenix in the Game of Life

PhoenixBlessing™ is introduced in the newly-published book “Discover Your Phoenix in the Game of Life” as the primary healing technique to help with various challenges in life and to turn them into opportunities for increased joy and happiness. All the stories and examples in the book were conducted with PhoenixBlessing™ technique.

How was PhoenixBlessing created?

Back in 2014, Hiroyuki “Hiro” Miyazaki was going through intense negative emotions every day including sadness, anger, helplessness, powerlessness, and loneliness. These emotions were so overwhelming that he could not even meditate. Hiro had already learned various healing techniques but he could not resolve the situation. After weeks of suffering, he felt a voice coming from his heart that guided him to heal these emotions. In just a few days, all the intense negative emotions were healed, and he experienced “absence of negative emotions,” which gave him an extreme sense of happiness. He recalls, “I could’t stop smiling and laughing the whole day! I think it’s the feeling of bliss.” Believing that everyone deserves to experience the same feeling, Hiro started sharing his experience and helped others heal. The outcome were miraculous to all that used the same healing technique. To respond to increasing requests for the healing, Hiro started sharing the healing technique in workshops named “Dark Night of the Soul,” and later renamed as “PhoenixBlessing” starting 2020.

As of 2020, PhoenixBlessing Practitioner course was developed to teach the technique. As a result, Dark Night of the Soul course has been updated to focus on receiving healing during the workshop and not to include learning the technique.

Uniqueness & Strength

Focused on Emotions

When you have a challenging situation, if you focus on the surface and only fix physical/material issues, you will see the same situation happen again and again. Alternatively, if you investigate inside of yourself, you can identify habitual thoughts that triggers problematic actions and behaviors, such as short temper, carelessness, blaming, and victim mindset. You can work to change such problematic habitual thoughts one by one. But if you focus on emotions that encompasses all these problematic thoughts, behaviors, and actions, you can reach the deepest cause and resolve them altogether. That is how you can resolve your challenges through PhoenixBlessing™ technique.

Loving Yourself

Healing process of PhoenixBlessing™ technique involves communicating with an emotion and embracing it as if it is a persona, which brings love from your heart and to love the part of yourself that is going through pain. Through this experience of loving yourself, you develop an ability to empower yourself without needing to depend on anybody else. As a side-effect, this ability will transform your relationships because you will become emotionally independent and don’t need others to give you approval for who you are.

Attention Control

The foundation of PhoenixBlessing™ is attention control, which is an ability to control your attention to what you consciously intend to. Attention control is one of the most important abilities to manifest what you want in your life because it allows you to focus on what you want. You can develop attention control every time you receive PhoenixBlessing session.

Client Receives Everything

The core of PhoenixBlessing™ technique is guided meditation. After a short conversation, a practitioner gives a guided meditation for a client and guides the client to visualize/imagine healing processes. As opposed to “healer explains what happened’ kind of session, the client does not need to depend on the healer to understand what happened. Rather, client has the first-person experience of the whole healing process, which does not need to be explained nor validated by somebody else.

Simple & Easy

PhoenixBlessing™ technique is structured in 5-step process that is easy to remember, and scripts are available for all the guided meditations. As a practitioner, you can simply read the script to do a healing session, but you can also customize a session to adapt to a client situation. You will learn where and how to customize during PhoenixBlessing™ Practitioner course.

What topics can we use PhoenixBlessing for?

Although PhoenixBlessing was developed to heal emotional challenges, it can be used to help various life topics in life, whether it be relationship, work/business, finance, health/fitness/beauty, education, growth, or leisure. See the following list of topics that are discussed in the book “Discover Your Phoenix in the Game of Life” using PhoenixBlessing technique.

Empathic Distress / Over-Sensitivity / Can’t Say No / Micromanagement / Abusive Relationships / Unable to Stand up for Self / Self-Blaming / One-Sided Giving / Not Good Enough / Fear of Failure / There Is No Failure / Taking Action / Ebb and Flow of Life / Shame, Regret, and Guilt / Extreme Cases / Loss of a Loved One / Unborn Baby / Lost Glory / Becoming an Agent for Change / Embrace Your Uniqueness / Drop Attachment / Gratitude / Fear of Attack / Jealousy / Act of Giving / Gratitude / Challenges against Abundance / Not Enough for Everyone / Obsession with Wealth / Superior/Inferior / Sadness and Regret / Confusion about Money / Accepting Greatness / Authenticity / Uncertainty, Faith, Going with the Flow / Life Missions

Where to receive PhoenixBlessing™ healing?

Due to increasing need for emotional healing today, we have pressing need to increase number of healing practitioners that can offer healing sessions to others. Therefore, we started offering healing practitioner certification classes starting 2020. See the list of certified practitioners from the following button.

Become a PhoenixBlessing™ Certified Practitioner!

Today, we need Spiritual Guides to offer such healing more than ever before. COVID-19 has caused various life challenges, causing painful emotional challenges to millions of people around the world. So I call for you, my kindred souls, to become a Spiritual Guide by taking this emotional healing training workshop and joining us to help millions around the world by your true love from your heart. This is not only an opportunity for you to “give” – sharing your spiritual gifts and shine as a spiritually-evolved individual, but also to “receive” – experiencing joy of witnessing miraculous healings and building your prosperous healing practice that gives you abundance that you wish for.

Join the PhoenixBlessing™ Practitioner Course to get certified as a PhoenixBlessing™ Practitioner.

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Become a PhoenixBlessing™ Certified Instructor!

Get certified to teach PhoenixBlessing™ courses and be part of our “Million True Love” project! We are now offering instructor certification courses starting 2021. You will go through a process of preparing you to be an effective spiritual guide and teacher for those who are going through challenges in life – Dark Night of the Soul. You will guide them to complete transformation into a Phoenix – their authentic identity with awareness of their life missions. Walk into your divine path to awaken your promised people and join us to deliver true love to millions in the world.
Visit our event calendar to find out available instructor certification couses.

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