Public Program

Public program is available for anybody who wish to receive healing, resolve challenges, or achieve specific outcome. There is no prerequisites. Public program are offered both online and offline in form of workshop, group session, or private session.

  • Receive healing
  • Certificate of Completion

Available Public Courses

Practitioner Program

PhoenixBlessing Practitioners

Practitioner program are for those who wish to learn PhoenixBlessing™ technique to help others heal. Upon completing a practitioner course, you can call yourself as a PhoenixBlessing™ Practitioner and offer private sessions. Before taking a practitioner course, you need to complete one of PhoenixBlessing™ public program.

  • Lean to heal
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Offer Private/Group session

Instructor Program

Instructor program are for those who wish to teach PhoenixBlessing™ public program and practitioner program. Upon completing an instructor course, you will be certified as a PhoenixBlessing™ instructor and you can offer PhoenixBlessing™ public course and Practitioner course that corresponds to your instructor certification. Before taking an instructor course, you need to complete PhoenixBlessing™ Practitioner course and corresponding public course.

  • Learn to teach
  • Instructor Certification
  • Teach Public/Practitioner program