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Be the first to teach PhoenixBlessing™ Workshop

Get certified to teach PhoenixBlessing™ Practitioner course and be part of our “Million True Love” project!
In this workshop, you will go through a process of preparing you to be an effective spiritual guide and teacher for those who are about to follow their life missions to be of service to others through healing. For such pure spiritual intention, it’s not that they can learn from anybody, but they can learn from someone special that they can resonate and be inspired. That’s you! They are waiting for you to start teaching this workshop. You will guide them to discover their gift of healing and experience joy of expressing the highest version of themselves. Walk into your divine path to awaken your promised people and join us to deliver true love to millions in the world.

Million True Love Project

We all face various problems in relationships, family conflicts, difficulties with money, health problems, problems at work / business, and so on.

All these problems have the meaning behind them. They appear in our lives for us to overcome fear-based beliefs and emotions and activate a higher version of ourselves. However, many people fall into the trap of negative emotions and get lost in life.

What we need is “true love,” which is the essence of God, the creator of all things, or the universe. Love gives us the ability to conquer fear. In the Million True Love project, we strive to deliver “true love” to millions of people and bring about spiritual transformation in society. Teaching is one way to do it!

Am I destined to become a Teacher of True Love?

Have you experienced challenges in life? Then yes, you are destined to become a teacher of true love. You must have gone through painful moments, and that makes you the perfect teacher for those who are going through the same challenges now. They are waiting for you to show them a way.
Teaching is one of life missions that many souls choose to fulfill their life purposes in a lifetime. It enables you to contribute to the growth of other souls, in addition for you to grow through being of service. You must have made promises with other souls to help them as part of your life missions. Even if you are not sure about your abilities, your gifts and talents will flourish when you meet those ‘promised people.’

About this Workshop

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Facilitate the PhoenixBlessing™ Practitioners workshop with grace
  • Align your delivery intention with the purpose of your soul
  • Identify prospective clients and your unique marketing message
  • Accomplish all ongoing certification activities and requirements

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