Phoenix Blessing

What is Phoenix Blessing?

Phoenix Blessing™

Phoenix Blessing™ is a meditative healing technique invented by Hiroyuki ‘Hiro’ Miyazaki to resolve even the toughest emotional phenomenon known as Dark Night of the Soul.

Through attention control and visualization, you can heal your emotional wounds, reframe limiting beliefs and perspectives, acknowledge life lessons, and make positive changes in your life.
Through healings with Phoenix Blessing, you can activate your authenticity and identify your life missions that give you the greatest joy and fulfillment in this lifetime..

To receive a Phoenix Blessing experience, you can either attend a workshop, or take a private healing session (live or online).

Due to increasing need for emotional healing today, we have pressing need to increase number of healing practitioners that can offer healing sessions to others. Therefore, we are going to offer healing practitioner certification classes starting 2020.

Testimonials from people

The Dark Night of The Soul

- Experience of Verónica Vázquez -

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The Dark Night of The Soul

- Experience of Nadxi Alquicira -

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