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Want to Activate your Potential and Flourish in Life?

Webinar: Three Innovations that Activate Your Potential in Healing

Are you ready to activate your potential in healing?

Join this webinar and open your future to flourish!

Monday, 2022

LA 7am, Mexico 9:00, NY 10:00, Sao Paulo 11:00, Central Europe 16:00, Moscow 17:00, Kyiv 17:00, Dubai 18:00, Almaty 20:00, Irkutsk 22:00, Taipei 22:00, Tokyo 23:00

English, Spanish, Russian, French, Chinese

We need Innovation.
In the last couple of years, the world has changed. And it's still changing. Angry, sad, worried, threatened ... more and more people are suffering from painful emotions. People need healing more than ever before.
But they don't come to healing workshops. Why? because they are not interested in learning healing technique. They just want to be freed from painful emotions! And they want it fast and effective.
So, we need healing technique to satisfy this demand. We need healing for everyone who would never want to learn healing.
I have a good news!
To meet this demand today, I have a good news! We have a new healing technique that works very well in this changing time. It's called PhoenixBlessing. In this technique, we've made three important innovations that make it so effective for the situations around the world today.
If you are one of people who's learning healing or meditations, this is YOUR divine timing to start helping many through healing. And PhoenixBlessing empowers you to offer healing in the way many people would accept, and enables you to reach broader audience. You can follow your mission in healing and your potential gets activated! This way you can flourish your life fully.
In this webinar, you will...
- Learn three innovations of PhoenixBlessing technique
- How it helps your spiritual growth and activate potential in healing
- Learn how you can grow your healing practice with PhoenixBlessing

Also, you will experience PhoenixBlessing healing in a guided meditation.
Voices from the previous webinar
  • I was overwhelmed and couldn’t stop crying but now I feel better.
  • Incredible! My little self trusted me a lot and there was a sweet aroma going on. She told me not to forget to continue enjoying my life. 
  • My inner child felt very loved.
  • I was deeply moved by everything I felt and I saw the energy that came through. It was amazing!
  • A lot of inner peace
  • I also cried a lot and now I feel very comforted. Thank you.
  • It touched my heart. I felt a very sharp pain at the beginning, then it disappeared. I cried but I feel at peace and protected now!
  • Suddenly tears came out and then I felt peace. Thanks!
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you. It filled me with happiness and beautiful colors – green and a lot of lilac.
Speaker: Hiroyuki "Hiro" Miyazaki
Hiroyuki “Hiro” Miyazaki has seventeen years of experience in business consulting and project management in the financial industry. After nearly missing the 9/11 terror attack in 2001, he began questioning the meaning of life and explored his inner world, eventually finding his passion in the spiritual and emotional domain and switching careers to a spiritual healer, teacher, and coach. Focusing on being of service to others, his activity expanded globally and has helped many people through private sessions and workshops. His authored course has spread to more than thirty-five countries.
Today, Hiro is a published author and a sought-after inspirational speaker, healing teacher, coach, and consultant. He is the creator of Phoenix Blessing® , the emotional healing technique that was invented to heal the toughest emotional challenges brought forth by the Dark Night of the Soul. He was certified as a SIY Teacher, a Spiritual Intelligence (SQ21) coach, a ThetaHealing® Science Instructor/Practitioner, a QHHT practitioner, and a Reiki master.
Hiro was born and raised in Japan. He currently lives in Los Angeles and offers private sessions and self-development workshops internationally. He loves traveling, connecting with people in various cultures, and exploring wonders of the world. He has a passion for learning and sharing spiritual practices from ancient Egypt.

Discover Your Phoenix in the Game of Life” by Hiroyuki Miyazaki

The feeling was so strong!

I never had such quick and instant feeling for my body during meditation and this made me so excited and I was talking to myself, "WOW, through meditation I can actually healed my body! The feeling was so strong!"


Something really very special

I have made many sessions before with other healers and by myself. But there was something really very special in this session with you, so a deep healing could take a place. Everything is changing in my mind and I take my time to get use to new myself.


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