Life Mission Discovery Workshop

Life Mission Discovery Workshop



- What’s the meaning of life?
- Am I really happy?
- Why am I going through challenges?

Some people spend their life being busy just to survive. Others invest their time and energy to achieve success, money, fame, and social status. But when you arrive at the end of your life, what would make your life truly meaningful? How will you know you have fulfilled the purpose of your life?

Hiroyuki "Hiro" Miyazaki, the author of "Discover Your Phoenix in the Game of Life", tells you that the meaning of life is nothing to do with survival or worldly success, but it is connected with your life mission. He explains that you were born into this life for a purpose, and before this life, you preplanned important events and meetings so you can grow and fulfill the purpose. The way to fulfill your purpose is through life mission, which fuels you with a deep sense of purpose that burns so brightly with the fire of your passion.

This workshop invites you to go deep dive into your life experiences and decipher meanings, and identify important information about your life mission. Through meditation and visualization exercises.

Hiro guides you to: