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Discover Your Phoenix Nov 2021

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Is there something important missing in your life?

Do you want to spend the rest of your life in the same way?

Or, do you dare to embark on a journey to discover who you truly are?

In your life to date, you might have felt that life is random, coincidental, and meaningless. That is because you didn’t know what game you’re in. If you play a game without the awareness of being in the game, what happens? You will be going wrong directions, hitting obstacles again and again, not knowing what to do, until it’s game over. To play it better, you need to know the purpose, goals, and rules. 

Human life is a game that each of us play as a soul. This game has purposes, goals, and rules too. In my book “Discover Your Phoenix in the Game of Life,” I shared essential information and perspectives about human life as a game, through Game of Life Theory, the Challenges and Opportunities that come along the way, and the hero’s journey to discover the phoenix, your authentic identity in following your life missions. When your Phoenix reveals itself, it fuels you with a deep sense of purpose that burns brightly with the fire of your passion. It is as if you are beginning your life anew.

In “Discover Your Phoenix” courses, I offer you opportunities to examine and resolve the bottom issues of various life situations in life with awareness of purpose, goals, and rules of the game, through visualizations and group exercises, so that you can transform your life and increase more joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

If you’re reading this far, I bet you’re feeling the calling in your heart, which is the desire to discover who you truly are and follow your life missions. So, I invite you; dare to embark on a new journey! Let’s work together and trigger important transformations, and take the path toward discovering your phoenix. And you’re not alone; we do this together as a group and we enjoy all our experiences along the way.

In this course, Discover Your Phoenix 1, we will work on Stage 1 and 2 from the book “Discover Your Phoenix in the Game of Life”.

Stage 1. Emotional Independence

  • Empathic Distress
  • Over-Sensitivity
  • Can’t Say No
  • Micromanagement
  • Abusive Relationships
  • Unable to Stand up for Self
  • Self-Blaming
  • One-Sided Giving
  • Not Good Enough

Stage 2. Being Present

  • Fear of Failure
  • There Is No Failure
  • Taking Action
  • Ebb and Flow of Life
  • Shame, Regret, and Guilt
  • Extreme Cases
  • Loss of a Loved One
  • Unborn Baby
  • Lost Glory

Class Overview

Transformation Steps

Stage 1: Emotional Independence

Step1: Healing
First thing you need to do is to heal negative emotions so that you can unchain yourself from the vicious cycle. You will also work to overcome fear of losing love and to reconnect with your heart to start remembering your authentic feelings.

Step 2: Self-Worth
In this step, you will work to perceive the difference between all that’s not yours to identify all that’s you. Further, you will make mental declaration to accept yourself fully.

Step 3: Boundary
In this step, we work to mentally recognize various types of your personal boundaries and practice pushing back, so that it forms mental patterns in your subconscious.

Step 4: Identity
In this step, you will work to redefine your identity based on the authentic qualities that you have inside yourself and enable you to think positively without limit. And you will create your own “wake word” that activates the refined identity at any moment.

Step 5: Expression
In this step, you will channel your own authenticity and let it talk to you. Your job is to write them down as like “brain dump” without judgement.

Stage 2: Being Present

Step1: Healing
Miserable relationships, poor work performance, regrettable decisions, misfortune. Some past incidents are charged with painful emotions and haunt you even after many years. In step 1, you will heal emotions from past incidents and reduce the energetic burden.

Step 2: Self-Compassion
Shame. Guilt. Regret. These emotions that come with “failure” are toxic enough to attack yourself through self-blaming, punishment, sacrifice, and exhaustion. To stop these self-sabotaging behaviors, you need to accept and embrace yourself for who you are.

Step 3: Core Values
Core values are formed unconsciously under the influence of the family and the society that you belong to, and they are the primary reasons of your decisions and actions, therefore the outcomes in your life to date. What happens if you change them today?

Step 4: Conquering Fear
Some traumatic past incidents create memories in yourself tagged with various fears, which trigger weaker version of yourself. To stop the past from haunting you for the rest of your life, you must conquer the fear and awaken the strong version of yourself.

Step 5: Gratitude
When you conquer fears and live your life following your heart, you’ll experience your core values in everything and everyone. There is no regretting the past and no worrying about the future. You can live in the present moment fully alive. The key is to experience gratitude.

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Important Note

Live attendance to the class is required in order to receive a certificate as a practitioner. Recording is supplemental only. Maximum one day (3 hours) of absence is accepted. Consult with PhoenixBlessing team staff beforehand.


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Nov 29 2021 - Dec 03 2021


Paris 3:30pm, Moscow/Kiev 5:30pm, Dubai 6:30pm, Almaty 8:30pm, Irkutsk/Taiwan 10:30pm, Mexico 8:30am, LA 6:30am
6:30 am - 9:30 am

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