Life Mission & Business

Life Mission & Business Sept 2021 in Mexico

What's Your Life Mission?

Ask yourself this question to find out if you are living your life mission:

  • Are you having joy and fulfillment in life?
  • Are you happy at the level of your soul?

These two questions are asking about the same thing. Life mission is not about material reality such as fame, finance, material possessions? It’s more about satisfaction at the level of your soul. For example, activity that brings out your compassionate quality would be so satisfying to your soul, rewarding you feelings of “joy” and “fulfillment.”  Are you feeling them every day? 

Your life mission, if you find it, gives you all such joy and fulfillment. The trick is that you need to make your life mission sustainable long term, and the best way to do so is making it a business.

Business without life mission is not satisfying to your soul. Life mission without a business is not sustainable. Here we have an important need to connect life mission and business and make it a thriving and prosperous activity that serves many.

“Life Mission & Business” course is an opportunity to identify your life mission and create a business plan through intuition. You will go through a series of guided meditations and exercises to discover key ideas such as who is your primary audience and how you can be the best solution for their challenges.

Is it my divine path?

Everyone learns through challenges in life. We invest a lot of time and energy to overcome them and receive precious learnings in return, which serve to fulfill one of our important purposes in life – to grow spiritually. The majority of people spend their whole lives focused on this purpose. However, there are people who take a step further, to fulfill another important purpose – to serve others in their spiritual growth. Wellness practices contribute very well for this purpose and a lot of people are inspired to start their journey in this path. If you are reading this, I bet you are also the one. Have you ever wanted to have more clarity on your mission for this purpose?

Perhaps you asked yourself:

  • What am I destined to do?
  • Is it my divine path to offer wellness services?
  • Am I good enough to do this?
  • How can I make it sustainable as a business?

If you have gone through difficult challenges and somehow ended up learning wellness techniques such as meditation, healing, and yoga, I can say with confidence that you are meant to go on this path of helping others grow spiritually through your wellness services. I would like you to know that this path is an exciting, adventurous, and rewarding journey where you feel joy and fulfillment in your heart. Although you planned your journey by yourself before entering this life, you have no recollection of it, and you will still encounter challenges and opportunities to grow further. Because if you know all the answers, it doesn’t make it a good adventure does it?

Well, we’re all human. We still want to have some awareness and clarity of what we are meant to do. We might not be able to remember a detailed map of this journey, but we should be able to know which direction to go, how to decide at crossroads, and how to make your activity sustainable as a business. I’m aiming to address these in this workshop.


IMPORTANT: Live attendance to the class is required in order to receive a certificate of completion. Recording is supplemental only. Maximum 2 hours of absence is accepted. Consult with PhoenixBlessing team staff beforehand.


Centro de Bienestar Aiki. S.C.
Calle Adolfo López Mateos 2014, Bella Vista, 52172 Metepec, Méx., Mexico


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Sep 27 - 28 2021


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Aiki Wellness Center
Calle Adolfo López Mateos 2014, Bella Vista, 52172 Metepec, Méx., Mexico


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  • Timezones: Mexico 2pm-8pm