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Since Hiro introduced this course in 2020, hundreds of people have transformed their relationship with money to support their life missions, in addition to increasing the quality of their personal lives dramatically. 

To meet the increasing demand, Hiro will start certifying instructors for this course in the summer 2021.

Feedback from Participants

Challenges before the class

  • I just realized now that I don’t know how to be proud of myself)
  • Sometimes when I buy something expensive for myself, I feel ashamed that there are many people in need, and I spend money on something that costs like 2-3 of their monthly salaries
  • My husband is ashamed in front of people who are richer than him, he always exaggerates his financial significance in front of them, it strains me, I don’t like to seem who I am not, on this basis we have a conflict.

Each meditation exercises

  • Very deep meditation. I felt healing through the crown chakra.
  • In the middle of practice, the adrenaline level went up a lot. The heart pounded throughout the body until the very end of the practice.
  • There was a feeling that I will now perform in front of 1000 people
    unconditional love honesty openness
  • For 2 meditations, a man of money had the image of a husband, and apparently I am only learning the energy of gratitude now. It is very strong for me
  • Thank you !!! Wonderful meditation. Tears were pouring in sweat, such a lovely warm feeling
  • Thank you, powerfully, I let go so much for today and so much warmth came.
    WOW !!!!! Thank you for this meditation and very deep forgiveness technique.
  • There were many former directors and bosses. everyone was forgiven and thanked.
  • Thanks to wonderful meditation, 5 limiting beliefs about money have gone away! super! thanks!
  • My money man is me with a lot of energy balls (like soda with bubbling balls) And my ball and Niagara Falls were very strong and spread throughout the entire planet and in all spheres I was blown away by the energy of the ball and the waterfall
  • Thank you, I wrote words of gratitude to the person for whom we did the practice. it’s incredibly powerful energy.
  • When healing a bank account, I saw a lot of negative energy there, fear that there would be no money. We opened an account to obtain documents of financially independent status. and there were many fears associated with this story.
  • The fear healed yesterday thanks to the mediation. I had never looked in this direction before. It was very important for me.

What that happened between class days

  • I have improved relations with my husband! He is still my main source of money))
  • Two airlines told me that they will refund money for one Air ticket.
  • The cleansing of the money man and gratitude were significant for me.
  • Thank you very much … for the days of the course my Brokerage account has grown by 300 thousand rubles (US$3800).
  • My salary increased by 1.5 times!
  • My debt was deferred for 10 months without interest!
  • I was offered a job as soon as completing the class yesterday.

About this Workshop

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Facilitate the PhoenixBlessing™ Money & Happiness workshop with grace
  • Align your delivery intention with the purpose of your soul
  • Identify prospective clients and your unique marketing message
  • Accomplish all ongoing certification activities and requirements

Note: As of August 2nd, Start time has been changed to be one hour earlier.

New Start time: Kiev 4:30pm, Moscow 4:30pm, Almaty 7:30pm, Taipei/Manila/Irkutsk 9:30pm, Mexico 8:30am, LA 6:30am​ 


IMPORTANT: Live attendance to the class is required in order to receive a certificate as an instructor. Recording is supplemental only. Maximum one day (2.5 hours) of absence is accepted. Consult with PhoenixBlessing team staff beforehand.


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  • Timezones: Kiev 4:30pm, Moscow 4:30pm, Almaty 7:30pm, Taipei/Manila/Irkutsk 9:30pm, Mexico 8:30am, LA 6:30am


Aug 09 - 13 2021


6:30 am - 9:00 am

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Aug 09 - 13 2021
  • Time: 9:30 am - 12:00 pm


Aiki Wellness Center


Aiki Wellness Center


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  • Timezones: Kiev 4:30pm, Moscow 4:30pm, Almaty 7:30pm, Taipei/Manila/Irkutsk 9:30pm, Mexico 8:30am, LA 6:30am