Discover Your Phoenix in the Game of Life

Activate Authenticity and Follow Life Missions

Discover Your Phoenix in the Game of Life

Hiro’s first English book! Expand your awareness by going into a journey of “Game of Life”, retrieve realizations from your life challenges, and discover your Phoenix that fuels you with a deep sense of purpose that burns brightly with the fire of your passion.

This books also describes how PhoenixBlessing™ technique was discovered as well as dozens of real-life examples of transformational healings.

English and Spanish available.
Russian under development.



What’s the meaning of life? Am I really happy? Why am I going through challenges?

As you make progress in overcoming life challenges and grow as a person, you’ll eventually arrive at a crossroads, where you’ll need to ask yourself these questions. These are calling for you to go on an adventure, to embark on your heroic journey into your inner world to discover who you truly are, what you really want, and why you were born.

Hiroyuki “Hiro” Miyazaki, the acknowledged expert in emotional healing and life coaching, answers these questions and offers a paradigm-shifting perspective in this book Discover Your Phoenix in the Game of Life. Through a series of deep, thought-provoking dialogues and stories, he uncovers the emotional pains from various life challenges that impede your authenticity and hamper your potential. He provides psychological insights, visualization exercises, and reflective questions that can begin to heal your deeply held pains and invite realizations to arise. In the process, you will discover your Phoenix, your life-changing transformation and renewed sense of identity that will successfully guide you through life.

Discover Your Phoenix in the Game of Life

"The phoenix is flying across time and space, arriving at the crossroads of your life. Doubt, and she'll disappear into thin air. Chase, and she'll slip through your fingers like desert sand. Surrender, and she'll show you the way to your destiny."

Your Phoenix is your authentic higher self who knows exactly why you were born into this lifetime, what you really want, and where you are headed. As the process of discovering your authenticity involves letting go of the old and rebirthing into a new life, the “Phoenix” works very well as a metaphor to convey the transformational process and the magnitude of its importance in one’s life. Your Phoenix contains your most deeply held beliefs, your values, and the principles you live by. When your Phoenix reveals itself, it fuels you with a deep sense of purpose that burns brightly with the fire of your passion.

The Game of Life Theory explains that you were born into this life for a purpose, and before this life, you preplanned important events and meetings so you can grow and fulfill the said purpose. You entered this life without a conscious awareness of such blueprints, and you will depend on your free will to go about your life’s path. Does this theory portray the truth about our lives? The author invites you to answer this question only after reading this book in its entirety. This theory explains a lot about the many mysteries of our lives and can be very useful in helping you conquer fears and effectively address your various life situations, thereby enabling you to experience the utmost joy and fulfillment in life.

PhoenixBlessing™ Technique

Topics Discussed in this Book

  • Empathic Distress
  • Over-Sensitivity
  • Can’t Say No
  • Micromanagement
  • Abusive Relationships
  • Unable to Stand up for Self
  • Self-Blaming
  • One-Sided Giving
  • Not Good Enough
  • Fear of Failure
  • There Is No Failure
  • Taking Action
  • Ebb and Flow of Life
  • Shame, Regret, and Guil
  • Extreme Cases
  • Loss of a Loved One
  • Unborn Baby
  • Lost Glory
  • Becoming an Agent for Change
  • Embrace Your Uniqueness
  • Drop Attachment
  • Gratitude
  • Fear of Attack
  • Jealousy
  • Act of Giving
  • Challenges against Abundance
  • Not Enough for Everyone
  • Obsession with Wealth
  • Superior/Inferior
  • Sadness and Regret
  • Confusion about Money
  • Accepting Greatness
  • Authenticity
  • Uncertainty, Faith, Going with the Flow
  • Life Missions


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