Webinar Invitation: Liberation through Embracing Your Inner Child


I’m happy to invite you to a free webinar on May 8th about liberation through embracing your inner child. As we go through this turbulent time, each of us are making choices between staying in comfort zone and taking a leap of faith. Inner child is the wounded part of yourself that you left behind when you went through challenges in the past. By embracing your inner child, you empower yourself to go beyond your comfort zone and take the leap of faith!

Join me in this webinar and experience this deep healing at your core.

Webinar: Liberation through Embracing Your Inner Child

Do you feel your energy is lower?

Do you think a stressful past experience is still bothering you today?

Or, do you feel negative emotions are distracting you sometimes?

Difficult experiences can cause negative emotions such as anger, sadness, and worries.

We tend to ignore such emotions and just move on, but those emotions do not go away; they build up in yourself over the years and cause even more stress in your business and personal life.

Most people accept such stressful past memories as unchangeable, something you need to live with for the rest of your life. However, it is possible to change the feeling of what happened in the past so that you can live with more joy and happiness at the present moment.

How can we do that? By going into the root of the problem the memory and feelings of what happened in the past. After going through intense emotional challenge that I call “Dark Night of the Soul”, I discovered a way to do this through a meditative exercise. It goes really deep into the heart of the problem, yet it’s simple and easy!

In this webinar, I offer you to experience the meditative exercise through guided meditation.

You will experience:

  • calming yourself down through mindfulness-based technique
  • observing the past memory and feelings objectively
  • having conversation with an inner child at the time of a past experience
  • embracing the inner child for self-acceptance
  • retrieving a lesson from the past experience
  • bringing out a positive feeling with the inner child

Event: Webinar: Liberation through Embracing Your Inner Child

Date: Sunday, May 8th, 2022

Time: LA 7am, Mexico 9am, NY 10am, Sao Paulo 11am, Central Europe 4pm, Moscow 5pm, Kyiv 5pm, Dubai 6pm, Almaty 8pm, Irkutsk 10pm, Taipei 10pm, Tokyo 11pm

Place: Zoom

Speaker: Hiroyuki “Hiro” Miyazaki

Language: English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese (pending translator)

Admission: Free

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