Activating the Wheel of Fortune


Have you ever felt something important is missing in your life?

The life is good, having peace and happiness, and there is no particular challenge going on. But this feeling – something important is missing.

Back in 2006, I had that feeling. I was working in an American financial company. The pay was good and I was enjoying the work with nice colleagues. Yes it was stressful at times, but it was ok. I was in peace and happiness.

But I cannot shake this feeling that something important was missing. I felt there was nothing I could learn in that environment anymore and I need to do something different to grow further. I was talking to myself, “I’m not done yet! There is something more. This life has a lot more than it is now.”

In the process of finding “something”, I went on a trip to the Great Pyramid of Egypt and went through a series of meditative exercises that had been practiced by most advanced meditators in ancient times. I experienced transformation of my awareness, which expanded my perspective about life and the universe. I believe this experience somehow activated my “wheel of fortune”, which is symbolized in Tarot as “Destiny, fortune, success, elevation, luck, felicity.” Shortly after that trip, I found my life mission – healing. I found “something” that was missing in life. It’s been guiding me in this amazing journey since then.

Would you like to experience the same?

It’s my passion to share the meditations to people that wish to grow further in your path of awakening and we will have such opportunity online in coming weekend on April 30 and May 1.

Would you like to experience a lot more than the life is showing you now?

Join me in “Pyramid Alchemy” workshop!

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Here are some voices from the webinar where they experience one of the pyramid meditations.

– Very different from all the meditations I have ever done.

– wow! it was like Santa for me, big, imposing and sweet!

– He appeared in the form of a very tall, huge man, he was wearing a “hat” – a bird, then disappeared) and under it a beautiful face with glowing eyes))

– thank you Master Hiro🙏❤ interesting meditation)

– Thot for me was a rich sultan or something 😅

– Thot ressemble à Isis

– Hiro, an interesting thing happened to me when I met Tot, it was like a cork flew out of my chest through my throat.

– Thank you Hiro. This was so much more powerful than the first time I did this meditation.

– I had the opportunity to be there a few years ago, it was incredible to be there again!!

– I see a violet light? Which does it means?

– Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

– Thank you🤍🤍🤍 Everything was Magic✨✨✨

– Is it normal that was 3 gods, not only Thot?

– Yes!!!! I have so many questions because of what I saw

– During the meditation I felt good, I breathed normally. I felt like someone was holding my wrists.

– I saw Thoth as a figure with the face of a lion, I felt a lot of bravery, courage

thank you, a very interesting state after meditation, there was lightness and a feeling of joy

– I felt energy in the third eye area

– magnificent, feeling of infinite love

Experience the whole initiation process by joining “Pyramid Alchemy” workshop!

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