Invitation: Group Healing for Peace and Unity (April 2022)


Considering what’s happening in the world now, I would like us to contribute to the world peace through what we do best – healing and prayer. And when we do it together as a group, it gets more powerful. Therefore, I invite you to an open webinar to do group healing on April 22nd for peace and unity of the world.

Join me and invite your loved ones, friends, customers, and subscribers. It’s important now for everyone to heal inner pain, receive and show support, and shift our focus to compassion, love, and gratitude.

In the webinar, I’m planning to do two things:

1. Emotional Healing

We first take time to heal emotional pain that you might have in yourself.

2. Group Healing

As a group, we will send healing to people, places, nations, and anyone/anything that we wish to send healing to. We can send healing to the past events in the history, ancestors, and group consciousness. At the end of group healing, you will have an opportunity to send healing to yourself and whoever you wish to send healing to.

Both of these will be through guided meditation. Simply, follow the guidance and you can contribute to group healing. No prior experience of meditation is required, but your contribution would be even more powerful if you are experienced in healing, meditation, yoga, or any other practices for body/mind/spirit.


In this webinar, I want us to focus on healing, peace, and unity.

Therefore I set the ground rule as follows.

– No politics, no judgement, no blaming.

– Only healing, love, peace, and unity.

Event Information

Webinar: Group Healing for Peace and Unity (April 2022)

Date: April 22, 2022

Duration: 1-2 hours

Time: LA 7:00, Mexico 9:00, NY 10:00, Sao Paulo 11:00, London 15:00, Central Europe 16:00, Kyiv 17:00, Moscow 17:00, Dubai 18:00, Almaty 20:00, Taipei 22:00, Irkutsk 22:00, Tokyo 23:00

Language: English (Hiro), Spanish (Sasa), Russian (Natalie Yufereva), Chinese (Belle), French (Daria Kullikova), Ukrainian (pending translator), Hungarian (pending translator), Portuguese (pending translator)

Organizer team: Aiki Wellness Center, Natalie Yufereva, Zaituna Maidenova, Elena Karasenko, Belle

Registration: The webinar does not require registration. Just go to the following link on April 22 at the start time in your city.

Click here to enter

Meeting ID: 890 1489 8023

Passcode: 751816

I am looking forward to experiencing important and beautiful moments together.

Love and gratitude,


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Love & gratitude,

Marlenne ♡

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