How Can We Change the course of life?


How are you? I hope you and your loved ones are safe and in peace.

Every day I’m praying and sending healing to the lands, nations, and people involved in the situation in Ukraine, and also to all of you who are in this mailing list. I wish you happiness, health, joy, and abundance.

Today I inform you below a new course “Discover Your Phoenix 1” and also “Pyramid Alchemy” that are scheduled this month.

Discover Your Phoenix 1 

Would you like to liberate yourself from limitations that are cast from others?

Would you like to connect with your heart-felt desires and manifest them into reality?

Would you like to live “fully alive”?

In Discover Your Phoenix 1 course, you will tap into your authenticity – the highest version of yourself. To do so, we will first work to remove blocks that you accepted in the past – limiting beliefs, limiting common sense, responsibilities, obligations, etc. We will work to heal painful emotions too. Behind these limiting beliefs and emotions, you will discover your authenticity!

For the second topic, you will deal with your biggest fear and build self-compassion. Then you will have an opportunity to change the course of your life, by reviewing core values and changing them! You know, core values are the basis of your important life decisions, and it really have power to change the course of your life.

Register today to book your seat!

More information about the course:


Pyramid Alchemy 

Immediately after I experienced “secret of the secrets” meditation in the Great Pyramid of Egypt, my life mission as a healer began, and my life changed dramatically… for better!

The great pyramid is not king’s tomb. It’s the ultimate place for spiritual awakening. Pyramid Alchemy course is an opportunity to experience what the highest priests used to do in ancient times. What we do in this workshop is not for everyone. If you’re ready, you will feel the urge, see the signs, and complete registration successfully. If it’s not the right time for you, your registration will not work for some reason.

So, are you ready? Is it the right time?

Let’s find out! Here’s registration page.


This time we’ll experience the class under the influence of vernal equinox where the portal between night and day opens up for a few days.

IMPORTANT: Class dates are different depending on the timezone. For Europe/Asian countries it’s March 23,24,25. For Mexico, Brazil, and USA it’s March 22,23,24.

More info about the course:


The world needs healing more than ever before.

Let’s keep sending healing to the lands, nations, and people involved in the situation in Ukraine.

Let’s pray so that those leaders awaken higher virtuous qualities and create peace and harmony.

Love and gratitude, Hiro

Event Schedule​​

 March 2022 

21-25 Discover Your Phoenix 1​

22-24 Pyramid Alchemy


18-22 Discover Your Phoenix 1 (Asian time) 

May 2022

 16-20 Discover Your Phoenix 1

​ June 2022 

19-17 Discover Your Phoenix 1 (Asian time) 

July 2022 

11-15 Discover Your Phoenix 1

​ 25-29 Discover Your Phoenix 1 Instructors​ 

August 2022​ 

8-12 Dark Night of the Soul Instructors​

22-26 Money and Happiness Instructors​


5-9 PhoenixBlessing Instructors

​ 26-30 Discover Your Phoenix 2 

Love & gratitude,

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