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Hello !

I hope everything is well with you and your loved ones. I’m working on developing my new course Discover Your Phoenix 1. Let me share a topic from the new course today. It’s about identity.

Have you ever felt you are not good enough, insignificant, or unlovable? In trying to meet others’ expectations and to please others, people in emotional dependency tend to accept judgement from others and end up lowering self-esteem. This experience causes you to form false identity about yourself and limit your decisions and actions, making you feel like “I’m a bad girl,” “bad boy,” or “not good enough.” The false identity works like inner critic inside yourself, and it constantly stops you from being positive, having hope, or dreaming freely. Have you ever had such inner critic talking to you?

If this is the case for you, here’s my suggestion – throw away the false identity and redefine your new identity based on the authentic qualities! You were born with highly virtuous qualities inside yourself, they enable you to think positively without limitations, and these qualities support you in creating what you truly wish for in life. By redefining your identity, you are re-writing the story about yourself, and changing the course of your life.

If you’re interested, join me in the new course Discover Your Phoenix 1. We will work to redefine your identity and practice activating the energy in yourself. We will also work to increase your self-esteem, set boundaries, and let your authenticity express itself for your future vision.

Discover Your Phoenix 1

I wish you all the best and I’m looking forward to connecting with you soon!

May you be happy. May you be free from suffering. May you be at peace.

Love and gratitude,


What’s New

– Pyramid Alchemy in-person class is now scheduled for Nov 30-Dec 1 at Aiki Wellness Center.

– Pyramid Alchemy online class is now scheduled for January 17-19.

– Dark Night of the Soul online class is now scheduled for January 17-19.

Current Projects

– Discover Your Phoenix course is almost complete. Pilot class to be scheduled for staff/organizers in the week of Nov 15.

– A new logo-mark for “Million True Love” Project is making progress. We’re nailing down to a few options and looking to finalize it soon!

– Russian translation of the book “Discover Your Phoenix”

Sasha is negotiating with a Russian publisher now.

– Chinese translation of the book “Discover Your Phoenix”

Translation project started with Anshula and Ashley! We’re also working to add new pages for testimonials.

– Money & Happiness course is now being translated into French by Daria Kullikova. Thanks Dasha for your enthusiasm and willingness to support PhoenixBlessing community!!

What’s Coming Up Next week

Nov 15-19 Discover Your Phoenix 1 (Pilot class)

Nov 29-Dec 3 Discover Your Phoenix 1 (Public Premiere)

Event Schedule​


Nov 15-19 Life Mission & Business Instructors

Nov29-Dec3 Discover Your Phoenix Season 1 (+Asian timezone)


Dec 13-17 Money & Happiness (+Asian timezone)


Jan 10-14 PhoenixBlessing Practitioners (+Asian timezone)

Jan 24-27 DNS Instructors


Feb 7-11 Money & Happiness Instructors

Feb 21-25 PhoenixBlessing Instructors


Mar 1-31 Possibly visiting CIS countries


– “+Asian timezone” means that we might add extra class for Asian timezone, depending on demand.

– “Life Mission & Business” is a new name after “Business Course for Wellness Entrepreneurs”.

– “Discover Your Phoenix Season 1” is a new course to resolve life challenges described in Stage 1 and 2 of Discover Your Phoenix book.

Love & gratitude,

Marlenne ♡

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