How to lose weight?


How are you? I’m in Mexico city now. I thought it’ll be hot here in September, but it’s actually chilly! Due to a major hurricane going on now, we’re having heavy rain and the temperature is around 22/14C.

By the way, have you ever wanted to lose weight?

Today I wanted to share with you when I lost 20kg. Several years ago, I decided to lose weight. I started exercising and dieting. Two weeks past, I didn’t see much results, and I got frustrated by it.

So I meditated and asked:

Hiro: How can I lose weight more effectively?”

Answer: It’s your ancestors’ anger.

Hiro: That’s interesting. How does it relate to losing weight?

Answer: The anger is holding the fat. Work on their anger every day until it goes away.

Starting on that day, I took time to heal the anger. Every day I intuitively looked into the fat in my body, listened to my ancestors’ anger, and healed them. I had to keep doing this because every time I healed one anger, I found another. After about 2 months of working on anger, I heard an answer again: “Now you can lose weight.”

So I started exercising and dieting regularly again. How was the result? I was seeing good progress of losing weight! I lost 5kg on the first month, 5kg on the second month, 5kg on the third month, and another 5kg on the fourth month! Satisfied, I changed back to normal healthy eating while continuing to exercise regularly.

I knew that emotions affect our body and sometimes cause unfavorable health conditions, but it was still an interesting finding to know that emotions can be inherited from ancestors and they might be the root cause of some of our body conditions. And I was glad to know that we have power to influence that through healing.

Do you have a physical condition that might be charged with emotions?

Contact PhoenixBlessing Practitioners to let them go through emotional healing!

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Life Mission & Business Sept 2021

In this workshop, I will guide you to identify your life mission, create your strategy to fulfill your life mission, and create a vision on how your life transforms as you follow your life mission.

Sept 6-10 Online

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Sept 24-26 In-Person (Mexico)

I wish you all the best and I’m looking forward to connecting with you soon!

May you be happy. May you be free from suffering. May you be at peace.

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– PhoenixBlessing Practice Group to be scheduled for September 13.

– Webinar to be scheduled for September 17.

Current Projects

– Russian translation of the book “Discover Your Phoenix”

Sasha is negotiating with a Russian publisher now.

– Chinese translation of the book “Discover Your Phoenix”

Translation project started with Anshula and Ashley! We’re also working to add new pages for testimonials.

– Money & Happiness course is now being translated into French by Daria Kullikova. Thanks Dasha for your enthusiasm and willingness to support PhoenixBlessing community!!

– Money & Happiness course is now being translated into Serbian by Gordana Saranac. Thanks Gordana for your enthusiasm and willingness to support PhoenixBlessing community!!

– We’ve also started working with Fernanda Mattera to deliver our workshops to Brazilian audience, starting with Money & Happiness course and Life Mission & Business course. We’ll keep you posted.

What’s Coming Up This week

Sept 6-10 Life Mission & Business Online

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​Sep 6-10 Life Mission & Business (+Asian timezone)

​Sept 24-26 ThetaHealing® Game of Life Practitioner Course (In-Person, Mexico)​

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Oct 4-8 Money & Happiness (+Asian timezone)

Oct 18-20 Dark Night of the Soul (+Asian timezone)

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Nov 1-5 PhoenixBlessing Practitioners (+Asian timezone)

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– “+Asian timezone” means that we might add extra class for Asian timezone, depending on demand.

– “Life Mission & Business” is a new name after “Business Course for Wellness Entrepreneurs”.

– “Discover Your Phoenix Season 1” is a new course to resolve life challenges described in Stage 1 and 2 of Discover Your Phoenix book.

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