Are you noticing signs from the universe?


Are you noticing signs from the universe?

When you create a future vision vividly and convinced that it’s true, you attract people and things into your life to make it into reality. And when facing crossroads, the universe also gives you signs which way to go. Have you ever noticed such sign before? It gives you this amazing feeling that you’re not alone, and that you’re supported by the universe.

Let me share with you an example. Last July I imagined a new car into my future vision and did manifesting meditation. It’s a fabulous car that excites just by thinking about driving it. It’s rather an expensive car but it gives me this feeling of strength, confidence, creativity, and abundance.

However, when I started searching for cars on the internet, I changed my mind and became interested in more practical, fuel-efficient, less expensive cars. It’s a kind of cars that give me feeling of efficiency, safety, security, and comfort. Eventually I found the practical car that I wanted and visited a car dealer in my neighborhood, ready to purchase the car. But the sales person said, “we don’t have the car anymore. And we don’t know when it will come again.” He explained to me that car makers cannot make many cars these days because of computer chip shortage caused by COVID-19, and all car dealers are running out of their inventory around the world today.

That was disappointing. But I shifted my mind and searched for the car, looking into the inventories of the entire state of California, to see if there is any cars remaining, and I found exactly the car that I wanted. I rushed into a car dealer and asked for the car, ready to buy. But they said, “that car was sold yesterday. Also, the price is higher than the one on the website because we’re increasing price as market adjustment.”

This was disappointing again, but when they mentioned about the market adjustment, I understood what was going on. I told myself, “this is a sign. the universe is telling me not to buy this car.” I meditated and asked myself. “If that is not my car, what IS my car?” Then I remembered the fabulous car that I manifested a while ago, which I almost forgot. And I realized that, after the market adjustment, the practical car and the fabulous car are priced the same! The fabulous car is the one that I manifested and the universe has arranged my environment to make it into reality. I should go for the fabulous car! The inventory shortage, market adjustment, the other car sold out on the previous day… these were the signs from the universe, saying “that’s not the car that you asked for.”

So, my advice is that, when noticing a sign, ask yourself: what is the universe telling me? What would be even better choice?

In September, I am going to teach workshops that help you create your vision and manifest it well. Join me to make your dreams come true!!

Life Mission & Business Sept 2021

In this workshop, I will guide you to identify your life mission, create your strategy to fulfill your life mission, and create a vision on how your life transforms as you follow your life mission.

Sept 6-10 Online

Sept 27-28 In-Person (Mexico)

ThetaHealing Game of Life

In this workshop, I will guide you to remove limiting beliefs that create obstacles in your way, and empower yourself to make your dreams and visions come true!

Sept 24-26 In-Person (Mexico)

I wish you all the best and I’m looking forward to connecting with you soon!

May you be happy. May you be free from suffering. May you be at peace.

Love and gratitude,


What’s New

Resources pages for Certified Practitioners and Instructors

Current Projects

– Russian translation of the book “Discover Your Phoenix”

Translation Reviewing have been completed! Thanks to Saliya for her efforts!! And now Sasha, one of my friend in Irkutsk, is negotiating with possible publisher. Let’s pray for it to go as smoothly as possible.

– Chinese translation of the book “Discover Your Phoenix”

Translation project started with Anshula and Ashley! We’re also working to add new pages for testimonials.

– Money & Happiness course is now being translated into French by Daria Kullikova. Thanks Dasha for your enthusiasm and willingness to support PhoenixBlessing community!!

– Money & Happiness course is now being translated into Serbian by Gordana Saranac. Thanks Gordana for your enthusiasm and willingness to support PhoenixBlessing community!!

– We’ve also started working with Fernanda Mattera to deliver our workshops to Brazilian audience, starting with Money & Happiness course and Life Mission & Business course. We’ll keep you posted.

– Oct/Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb schedules – we’re working on creating registration pages. All September classes are ready to receive registration and October classes are almost ready. See you soon!!

What Happened Last week

August 27 Webinar: Three Secrets Behind Prosperous Healing Business (and how to take the first step)




What’s Coming Up This week

Hiro will be flying to Mexico this week and be there until the beginning of October.

Event Schedule​


Sep 6-10 Life Mission & Business (+Asian timezone)

​Sept 24-26 ThetaHealing® Game of Life Practitioner Course (In-Person, Mexico)​

​Sept 27-28 Life mission and Business (In-Person, Mexico)​


Oct 4-8 Money & Happiness (+Asian timezone)

Oct 18-20 Dark Night of the Soul (+Asian timezone)

Oct 21-23 Pyramid Alchemy (+Asian timezone)


Nov 1-5 PhoenixBlessing Practitioners (+Asian timezone)

Nov 15-19 Life Mission & Business Instructors

Nov29-Dec3 Discover Your Phoenix Season 1 (+Asian timezone)


Dec 13-17 Money & Happiness (+Asian timezone)


Jan 10-14 PhoenixBlessing Practitioners (+Asian timezone)

Jan 24-27 DNS Instructors


Feb 7-11 Money & Happiness Instructors

Feb 21-25 PhoenixBlessing Instructors


Mar 1-31 Possibly visiting CIS countries


– “+Asian timezone” means that we might add extra class for Asian timezone, depending on demand.

– “Life Mission & Business” is a new name after “Business Course for Wellness Entrepreneurs”.

– “Discover Your Phoenix Season 1” is a new course to resolve life challenges described in Stage 1 and 2 of Discover Your Phoenix book.

Love & gratitude,

Marlenne ♡

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