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How are you spending this summer? In Japan it’s in rainy season and we’re enjoying gentle rain these days. I’m still in quarantine period but I’m well entertained! Trees and plants are becoming more vibrant, and their beautiful flowers giving us joy in walking around the neighborhood.

As I flew back to Japan this time, I scheduled four webinars in Japan timezone and I am so happy to have connected with many friends last week. We did money healing meditations and also future-reading meditations together. Were you able to participate? or perhaps watched replay? I hope you enjoyed the energy!

So, let me ask you: would you like to be one of the first to teach PhoenixBlessing courses? This week I’m teaching Money & Happiness course and then we will start a practitioner course and instructor certification courses over this summer – all online. I want to see more people teaching these courses because (1) I know these courses help many people to be happier, and (2) I want to see all these courses facilitated by others, so that I can also experience guided meditations as a participant. Sure, I enjoy giving guided meditations but I would also like to receive guided meditations! In my meditation I was told to deliver these healing experiences to one million people, therefore we need a lot more people to do this together. Please visit my website, see what instructor courses are scheduled, and join me in spreading true love to millions!!

PhoenixBlessing Calendar of Events

This week we will also have a webinar : Heal Your Heart with Ukraine. In this webinar, I will offer you a guided meditation that I call “Reunion with Your Soul Group.” I will guide you to go back to where you came from before this lifetime, be reunited with your closest soul group members, and experience unconditional love that heals your heart. This will help you attract those soul friends to appear in your life and help each other for your divine timings.

Webinar: Heal Your Heart with Ukraine

While this is a webinar that I am planning with my friend Elena Karasenko for Ukraine, we will welcome whoever wish to connect with us and experience the meditation together. So, register today and let’s have beautiful moments together!

I wish you all the best and I’m looking forward to connecting with you soon!

May you be happy. May you be free from suffering. May you be at peace.

Love and gratitude,


What’s New

June 26 Webinar: Heal Your Heart with Ukraine

Sept 24-26 ThetaHealing® Game of Life Practitioner Course

Thanks to my dear friends in Aiki Wellness Center in Metepec, Mexico, I am planning to teach ThetaHealing® Game of Life Practitioner Course in September! This is a 3-day in-person class and space is limited. We will inform you when we start taking registrations. Let’s have a lot of exciting moments together!

Current Projects

– Russian translation of the book “Discover Your Phoenix”

The book translation into Russian have been completed! Now we’re moving on to the next step to review, proofread, and edit the translation. We’re also looking for publisher and editor to help the publication in CIS countries. Please let us know if you know of someone!

– Practitioner/Instructor courses started taking registration! Please visit our calendar of events for details, and secure your seat today!

PhoenixBlessing Calendar of Events

– Japan Tour – considering the current state of COVID-19 situation in Japan, we will need to postpone Mystical Tour in Japan to a future date, most likely March next year. Thank you for your patience and support!

What Happened Last week

June 18 Webinar: Heal Your Heart with Russian translation

June 18 Webinar: Heal Your Heart with Spanish translation

June 20 Webinar: Meet Your Future with Russian/Spanish translation

What’s Coming Up This week

June 21-25 Money & Happiness Course

June 26 Webinar: Heal Your Heart with Ukraine

Event Schedule


​6/21-25 Money & Happiness​


7/12-16 PhoenixBlessing Practitioners​

7/26-29 Dark Night of the Soul Instructors​


​8/9-13 Money & Happiness Instructors OR Phoenix Breakthrough Instructors​

​8/23-27 PhoenixBlessing™️ Instructors​


Sept 24-26 ThetaHealing® Game of Life Practitioner Course


​9/25-10/3 Mystical Journey in Japan

Love & gratitude,

Marlenne ♡

This newsletter is prepared by Marlenne of Phoenix Blessing Team Ascent Leadership Institute and Aiki Wellness Center | | Facebook:​​

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